Tim Wilkison Academies

High Performance Tennis Training

TWA has extensive experience in coaching at the highest level of competitive tennis.  TWA runs different training programs throughout the year for competitive tennis players.

Intercollegiate Tennis Association Training


ITA summer tournaments are held on college campuses and are for college tennis players to work on their games during summer break.  High school players are allowed to participate in ITA events.  TWA runs a training program where the players train with our coaches from Monday to Friday and then we travel with them to an ITA event over the weekend.


ITF Tour


There is a series of ITF junior tournaments held in October and November close to TWA's Charlotte, North Carolina training base.  On this tour the players train together with our coaches and then travel to that weeks ITA event.


Long Term Academy Training

TWA operates a year around academy at our training base in Charlotte, North Carolina.  This program runs from September 1 to June 1 and is a high level tennis training program.  Daily professional level tennis training, physical and mental training, tournament coaching, room and board are offered in this program.  Students must participate in an online school for the academics to participate in this program.